Conflictos Armados, Género y Comunicación

TitleConflictos Armados, Género y Comunicación
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsRocha, Inmaculada C. Marrero
Number of Pages286

This book deals with the elements that make today's armed conflicts more complex and that make their analysis difficult both in scientific terms and from the point of view of communication. In particular, we have focused on one of the most important aspects of the new conflicts or new wars, namely the progressive privatization of international conflict relations, which results in an increase in human suffering, especially among the most vulnerable groups such as women. In contexts of armed conflict and structural violence, persecution and violence are inflicted on women who play an essential role as communicators, capable of making known the barbarity and suffering suffered by their respective communities and, from that moment on, they become a threat, a danger or simply a nuisance for the agents of the conflict, who at all costs want to maintain their activities in a framework of complete impunity.

Translated TitleArmed Conflict, Gender, and Communication
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