Genero y Conflictos Armados: Informe General

TitleGenero y Conflictos Armados: Informe General
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsJack, Amani El
Number of Pages55
PublisherInstitute of Development Studies, BRIDGE
CityReino Unido (UK)

This report examines the impact of armed conflict on gender relations and the different ways in which it affects both women and men. It highlights the gender-specific disadvantages faced by women and men that have been left out of conventional interpretations of armed conflict and post-conflict reconstruction processes. The armed conflict exacerbates the inequalities in gender relations that existed in the pre-conflict period. Interventions in the conflict must take into account local contexts and the diverse realities of women and men who can simultaneously play the roles of activists and mothers/fathers, combatants and victims. The report makes other recommendations, including: improving the application of existing international laws; increase funding for specialized services to help both men and women victims of violence; and involve women in the decision-making processes. (Publisher) 

Translated TitleGender and Armed Conflicts: General Report
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