Género, Conflictos Armados y Seguridad: la Asesoría de Género en Operaciones

TitleGénero, Conflictos Armados y Seguridad: la Asesoría de Género en Operaciones
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsCarrillo, Margarita A. Robles
Number of Pages525
PublisherEditorial Universidad de Granada
CityGranada, Spain

The relationship between gender and international security is formalized in Resolution 1325 (2000) of the United Nations Security Council, which has two priority objectives: the fight against sexual violence in armed conflicts and the increase in the participation of women in the processes of pacification. The method of gender segregation developed on that basis introduces new features in the analysis of the typology and the actors of the conflicts, incorporates new perspectives and priorities and makes possible changes linked to the action of the international criminal jurisdiction, the principles of humanitarian intervention and the responsibility to protect. In particular, it implies the emergence of the concept of gender counseling in the military sphere and in conflict scenarios as an object of study and assessment.

Translated TitleGender, Armed Conflict and Security: Gender Assessment in Operations
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