La Hija de la Guerra y la Madre de la Patria

TitleLa Hija de la Guerra y la Madre de la Patria
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsFerlosio, Rafael Sánchez
Number of Pages256
CityBarcelona, Spain

In this collection of essays, Ferlosio confronts many of the issues that at this moment most concern us. An untiring observer of daily reality, he speaks to us with frankness and without concessions about the education of young people, the dilemma between public and private education, what students should know and what they should not know, the crisis of public life presented as a way of protecting individual freedom, about consumption and its addicts, about just and unjust wars, about the moral responsibility of the United States in the war in Afghanistan, about advertising or television. All this with simplicity and clarity, without taking anything for granted, showing us the ideas as if they were born in front of us, by magic, from the roots to the ends. And, of course, with an effective and sharp prose, a Spanish, fresh, rich and full of nuances.

Translated TitleThe Daughter of War and the Mother of the Fatherland
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