Mujer, Paz y Seguridad: el Tratamiento del Género en las Fuerzas Armadas

TitleMujer, Paz y Seguridad: el Tratamiento del Género en las Fuerzas Armadas
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsVillalobos, María Concepció
Number of Pages148
PublisherEditorial Universidad de Granada
CityGranada, Spain

One of the areas where advances in gender equality have been most relevant is that of security and defense. In part, because of its symbolic value as an expression of the full incorporation of women into tasks or groups traditionally reserved for men, and partly because of the urgent need to curb the alarming situation of women as mass victims in the last armed conflicts. In this way, progress has been made towards the conviction that, by applying a correct gender perspective in the armed forces and in the resolution of conflicts, a decisive contribution is being made to the peace of the peoples and of the world. The purpose of the book is to trace how the principle of equality has been applied in Spain in relation to women in the field of defense and to analyze its application at the present time taking into account the conceptual contributions of the perspective of gender and international commitments signed by our country.

Translated TitleWomen, Peace and Security: The Treatment of Gender in the Armed Forces
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