Mujeres y Guerra: Cuerpos, Territorios y Anexiones

TitleMujeres y Guerra: Cuerpos, Territorios y Anexiones
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsCastro, Fernando Quesada
Number of Pages384
PublisherEditorial Biblioteca Nueva
CityMadrid, Spain

This work investigates two issues in the social and philosophical sciences that are often ignored: wars and women. And even more the intersection between the two. The question is: does the incidence of military activity on females have any peculiarity? Do the war strategies determine the uniqueness of some aspect of the female condition? Around these two questions revolve the texts that we present here. This book raises the fact that the sexual basis of war is transformed in such a profound way that it implies a change in the process of hominization, i.e. the process of becoming human.

Translated TitleWomen and War: Bodies, Territories and Annexations
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