Violencia Sexual en la Guerra y en la Paz: Género, Poder y Justicia Posconflicto en el Perú

TitleViolencia Sexual en la Guerra y en la Paz: Género, Poder y Justicia Posconflicto en el Perú
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsBoesten, Jelke
Number of Pages318
PublisherBiblioteca Nacional del Perú
CityLima, Perú

The book examines archived CVR testimonies from surviving victims and military personnel to investigate the social structures that facilitated sexual violence during the armed conflict between 1980 and 2000.  It also points to a patriarchal and racist culture that has contributed to the perpetration of sexual violence against the Andean population, and that this same culture continues to obstruct justice to this day.  Nelson Manrique, historian and sociologist, described the book as fundamental and essential, especially at this time, when there is an exemplary handling of the testimonies of the people who were victims during this period.  "I believe that Jelke's research opens a series of clues that must be deepened in order to have an inclusive society that breaks with forms of discrimination, sexual violence against women, which is not only crossed by gender relations but also by class and ethnic dimensions," he said.

English edition: Sexual Violence During War and Peace: Gender, Power, and Post-Conflict Justice in Peru

Translated TitleSexual Violence in War and Peace: Gender, Power and Post-Conflict Justice in Peru
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