Des femmes écrivent la guerre

TitleDes femmes écrivent la guerre
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsChevillot, Frédérique, and Anna Norris
Number of Pages240
PublisherÉditions Complicités

The authors gathered in this edited collection explore 20th century warfare from the perspective of French speaking women and their writings. They ask, what does war mean to the women who wrote it? The book includes next to the First and Second World War the conflicts in Algeria, Indochnina, and the Lebanon.  The authors examine what constitutes, today, the gendered memory, the mourning and the dark reiteration of 20th century conflicts. The twentieth century was the scene of terrible conflicts. Women of letters and French-speaking people continue to claim in their texts the right and the duty to speak out on war - all wars and any kind.

Translated TitleWomen Writing War
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