Milicianas: Mujeres Combatientes Republicanas

TitleMilicianas: Mujeres Combatientes Republicanas
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsRus, Ana Martínez
Number of Pages128
CityMadrid, Spain

From the Civil War until today a widespread myth has been created around the militia, these young women with blue jumpsuits and gun to the belt that in the summer of the 36 left to defend the Republic between an aura of romanticism and mystical revolution. Women who aroused great stir in the trenches because of their feminine condition and their defiant attitude towards men who saw them mostly as rivals, objects of desire or disturbing beauties, and the least as fraternal colleagues. Throughout the last eighty years, different witnesses, writers or filmmakers have remembered them as icons of modern women who broke taboos, recreations that have contributed to the image of these women fighters. But mythology does not always correspond to reality. (Publisher)

Translated TitleMilitia: Women Republican Fighters
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