Mujeres en la Guerra de la Independencia

TitleMujeres en la Guerra de la Independencia
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsFernández, Elena
Number of Pages393
PublisherSilex Ediciones

There are many witnesses and documents that report on women's participation during the War of Independence. According to these sources, as a consequence of the popular and spontaneous character of the 1808 anti-Napoleonic uprising, women joined men in safeguarding their homes and families, and against foreign interference. In this sense, due to the needs of the conflict and the gravity of the situation, traditionally male practices such as armed struggle in defense of the homeland or logistical and strategic collaboration in combat were made accessible to women. Thus, we find women actively participating in the resistance in the besieged cities, supplying the troops, collaborating with the guerrilla parties or acting as spies. As the crisis opened in 1808 initiating a double process of war and revolution, social normality was altered and, in the same way as it happens in all revolutionary processes, women came to the fore, occupying public space, becoming subjects of their own history and protagonists of political and social change. In a moment of serious threat to the nation, not only was the civic demonstration of the male sex appealed to, but also the patriotism of women was required, demanding their sacrifice and resistance both in the battle front and supporting the patriotic cause from their homes, constituting support societies or contributing in any way to the anti-French cause.

Translated TitleWomen in the War of Independence
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