La Mujer en la Lucha Social y en la Guerra Civil de España

TitleLa Mujer en la Lucha Social y en la Guerra Civil de España
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1974
AuthorsIturbe, Dolores
Number of Pages220
PublisherEditores Mexicanos Unidos

Why did women play such an important role in Spain's civil war? That is the question that Lola lturbe intends to clarify and, for that, she traces us a history of women and the struggle towards their emancipation. With an encyclopedic character, it collects the biography of those that marked a milestone in this social struggle, trying to rescue from oblivion, even if only by name, all women who decided to break with the traditional role that you reserved the society. Women in social struggle and civil war in Spain, despite the years since its first edition, has not lost its importance as a historical document of homage to women in the social revolution. [Publisher]

Translated TitleThe Woman in the Social Struggle and in the Spanish Civil War
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