Declaration de la coalition anti-guerre des femmes Africaines

TitleDeclaration de la coalition anti-guerre des femmes Africaines
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsCoalition, The African Wo
JournalReview of African Political Economy
Start Page132
Date Published02/2007

The African Women’s Anti-War Coalition was founded at the West African Workshop on Women in Dec 1998 in the aftermath of Senegal's civil war to initiate a dialogue on healing, to develop ideas to address the diverse problems of post-war experiences, and to develop strategies to influence the process of democratic representation of women in achieving durable peace. Workshop participants recommended that all governments “make a firm commitment to end conflicts” and take “full responsibility for the facilitation of holistic reconstruction (social, psychological, physical, and economic) of society, taking particular note of women’s needs.” The Coalition proclaimed that wars militarize societies, which escalates violence against women, both during and after conflict. [Social Justice]

URLDOI: 10.1080/03056249908704366
Translated TitleDeclaration of the Anti-War Coalition of African Women
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