Southern Europe

Gerima, Haile. Adwa. Ethiopia, Italy, United States: Mypheduh Films, Inc., 1999.
Tilman, Samuel, Daniel Cattier, Jean-François Bastin, and Isabelle Christiaens. Kongo: 50 Years of Independence of Congo. Belgium, 2010.

Ep. 1: The Wild Chase

Ep. 2: The Great Illusion

Ep. 3: The Failed Giant

Risi, Dino. 1848. Italy, 1949.
Vancini, Florestano. Bronte. Liberty. Italy, 1972.
Taviani, Paolo, and Vittorio Taviani. Allonsanfan. Italy: Italnoleggio Cinematografico , 1974.
Martone, Mario. We Believed. Die Fahne der Freiheit. Italy: 01 Distribution, 2010.
Germi, Pietro. The Bandit of Tacca Del Lupo. Canada: Cine Europa-Paradise Film Exchange , 1954.
Visconti, Luchino. Senso. Italy: Lux Film, 1954.
Visconti, Luchino. The Leopard. Italy: Titanus, 1963.

Various versions of the film exist. The director Luchino Visconti disowned the original US theatrical version because the studio cut 43 minutes from the film. 

Soldati, Mario. Little Old-Fashioned World (Piccolo Mondo Antico). Italy: Industrie Cinematografiche Italiane, 1941.

Based on a novel by Antonio Fogazzaro


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