Feature Film

Mokritskiy, Sergey. Battle for Sevastopol. Russia: 20th Century Fox, 2015.
Geon-yong, Park. In Love and War (2011). South Korea: Showbox/Mediaplex, 2011.
Aaron, Paul. In Love and War (1987). United States: National Broadcasting Company (NBC), 1987.
Dunne, Philip. In Love and War (1958). United States: Twentieth Century Fox, 1958.
Stone, Oliver. Heaven & Earth. Unted States: Warner Bros., 1993.
Herzog, Werner. Rescue Dawn. United States: MGM Distribution Co., 2006.
Coppola, Francis Ford. Apocalypse Now. United States: United Artists, 1979.
August, Bille. Les Misérables (1998). United Kingdom: Columbia Pictures, 1998.
Guitry, Sacha. Napoléon. France, Italy: Filmsonor, Francinex, Les Films C.L.M., 1955.


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