War & Torture

Al-Ali, Nadje, and Nicola Pratt. What kind of liberation? Women and the occupation of Iraq. Berkeley, United States: University of California Press, 2009.
Benvenisti, Meron. Abu Ghraib: The Politics of Torture. Berkeley, United States: North Atlantic Books, 2004.

Contents: 1. "Chain of command at Abu Ghraib," Kahlil Bendib. 2. Torture and truth, Mark Danner. 3. The logic of torture, Mark Danner. 4. Power and vainglory, John Gray. 5. An old refrain that stabs at the heart, Meron Benvenisti. 6. Abu Ghraib, the surround, David Matlin. 7. Feminism's assumptions upended, Barbara Ehrenreich. 8. Abu Ghraib and a new generation of soldiers, Brooke Warner. 9. Breakdown in the gray room, David Levi Strauss. 10. Abu Ghraib and the magic of images, Charles Stein. 11. Abu Ghraib, a howl, Richard Grossinger.


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