UN Peacekeeping Interventions (1940s-1990)

United Nations Office of the Special Adviser on Gender Issues and Advancement of Women. Gender Mainstreaming: An Overview. New York: United Nations, 2002.

1. Introduction

2. What has been learned about gender mainstreaming?

3. Applying gender mainstreaming in specific contexts

4. Institutional development/capacity-building for gender mainstreaming

5. Conclusions

Toeka, Taylor. UN Sexual Misconduct Allegations Won't Go Away. London, UK; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Washington DC, USA: Institute for War & Peace Reporting, 2008.

The Institute for War and Peace Reporting, based in London, England; Amsterdam, Netherlands; and Washington DC, USA  aims to inform the international debate on conflicts and provides training and a platform for independent media. 

UN Sexual Misconduct Allegations Won't Go Away 

article dated 12 Sep 08 

Pakistan, Democratic Republic of Congo

ACR Issue 186

Paterson, Debs. We Are All Rwandans. United Kingdom: Catsiye Productions, 2008.


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