The Boat / Das Boot

TitleThe Boat / Das Boot
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1981
AuthorsPetersen, Wolfgang
Running Time2h 29m | 3h 29m
Date Released09/1981
DistributorNeue Constantin Film
Publication LanguageGerman, English, French

This classic war film tells the story of a German U-Boat crew during the Battle of the Atlantic in World War II. Presenting the crew as ordinary men, some embittered by and some new to war, director Wolfgang Petersen presents a claustrophobic depiction of war as the crew try to evade the British fleet and Royal Air Force while desperately holding onto the reasons  they fight.  


Jürgen Prochnow

Herbert Grönemeyer

Klaus Wennemann

Hubertus Bengsch

Martin Semmelrogge

Bernd Tauber

Erwin Leder

Martin May

Heinz Hoenig

Uwe Ochsenknecht


Produced by Günter Rohrbach

Directed by Wolfgang Petersen

Screenplay by Wolfgang Petersen

Cinematography by Jost Vacano

Edited by Hannes Nikel

Music by Klaus Doldinger

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