Went the Day Well?

TitleWent the Day Well?
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1942
AuthorsCavalcanti, Alberto
Running Time92 min
Date Released1942
DistributorEaling Studios
CountryUnited Kingdom
Publication Languageeng

Made by Ealing Studios during World War II and loosely based on a short story by Graham Greene, this classic British propaganda film portrays draws on British fears of a German invasion. In Bromley End, villagers initially welcome a platoon of soldiers, who turn out to be disguised German paratroopers who plan to take over the town. Residents fight back, leading to scenes of gruesome violence.


Leslie Banks

C.V. France

Valerie Taylor

Marie Lohr

Harry Fowler

Norman Pierce

Frank Lawton

Elizabeth Allan

Thora Hird

Muriel George

Patricia Hayes

Mervyn Johns

Hilda Bayley

Edward Rigby

Johnny Schofield

Basil Sydney


Director: Alberto Cavalcanti

Producer: Michael Balcon

Screenplay: John Dighton, Diana Morgan, and Angus Macphail

Based on a story by Graham Greene

Cinematographer: Wilkie Cooper

Film Editing: Sidney Cole

Art Direction: Tom Morahan

Music: William Walton


Drama, War

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