Ha-Lahaka / The Band

TitleHa-Lahaka / The Band
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1978
AuthorsNesher, Avi
Running Time1h 52min
Date Released04/08/1978
DistributorEastways Productions
Publication LanguageHebrew

The Bandהלהקה, (also known as The Troupe) is an Israeli comedic musical, first shown in April 1978, about an army singing group in 1968 during the War of Attrition (1967-1970). Three new members are hazed at first, one of them falls in love, and the choir's leader, in preparation for a television appearance, rehearses the troupe so much they revolt. The movie was initially unsuccessful but has gained in popularity. The choir's leader is based on real-life composer, arranger, and music director of the Nahal troupe, Yair Rosenblum (1944-1968). 

Alternate TitleThe Troupe
Original Publicationהלהקה
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