Hamiklat / The Shelter

TitleHamiklat / The Shelter
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsHornshtein, Roy
Running Time90 min
Date Released03/2007
DistributorUnited King Films
Publication LanguageHebrew, Arabic

A boy and his father are forced to take refuge in the underground shelter upon realizing that Israel is under missile attack. As the son (11) awakes the next morning he is shocked to learn from his father that Israel has been severely injured in the attack the night before. Both father and son must now accustom themselves to the new reality of life in the shelter. Dealing with day to day troubles of food and water but also with the death of the family's mother six months earlier. slowly the son begins to realize that there are secrets in the shelter that his father is keeping from him. 

Original Publicationהמקלט (Hamiklat)
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