Milh Hadha al-Bahr / Salt of This Sea

TitleMilh Hadha al-Bahr / Salt of This Sea
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsJacir, Annemarie
Running Time109 min
Date Released05/16/2008
DistributorPyramide Distribution
Publication LanguageArabic

Soraya, born in Brooklyn in a working class community of Palestinian refugees, discovers that her grandfather's savings were frozen in a bank account in Jaffa when he was exiled in 1948. Direct, stubborn, and determined to reclaim what is hers, she fulfills her life-long dream of "returning" to Palestine. Slowly she is taken apart by the reality around her and is forced to confront her own anger. She meets Emad, a young Palestinian whose ambition, contrary to hers, is to leave forever. Tired of the constraints that dictate their lives, they know in order to be free, they must take things into their own hands, even if it's illegal.

Original Publicationملح هذا البحر‎ (Milh Hadha al-Bahr)
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