Beach Red

TitleBeach Red
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1967
AuthorsWilde, Cornel
Running Time105 minutes
Date Released11/1967
DistributorUnited Artists
CountryUnited States
Publication Languageenglish, japanese

More than fifty years after its release, Beach Red stands as an influential anti-war film. Actor-director Cornel Wilde conveyed the violence and the humanity of Americans and Japanese as they battle over a Pacific island controlled by the Japanese. Wilde dedicated the first thirty minutes to filming the Marine invasion, a cinematic choice director Stephen Spielberg echoed in Saving Private Ryan


Cornel Wilde

Rip Torn

Burr DeBenning

Patrick Wolfe

Jean Wallace

Jaime Sanchez

Dale Ishimoto

Genki Koyama

Dewey Stinger


Produced and Directed by Cornel Wilde

Written by Peter Bowman (Story) and Clint Johnson, Donald A. Peters and Jefferson Pascal

Cinematography by Cecil R. Cooney

Edited by Frank P. Keller

Music by Col. Antonio Benaventura


Drama, War

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