Aghet - Ein Völkermord

TitleAghet - Ein Völkermord
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsFriedler, Eric
Running Time1h 30m
Date Released4/9/2010
Publication LanguageGerman

This documentary focuses on the Armenian genocide by the Young Turk government of the Ottoman Empire during World War I. It is based on eyewitness reports by European and American personnel stationed in the Near East at the time, Armenian survivors, and other contemporary witnesses. This documentary investigates the motivations behind the continued frenzied denials by the Turkish government and the consequences in terms of international foreign policy today. The method of this film is to bring back to life the actual words of foreign diplomats, engineers, and missionaries who were there and witnessed the atrocities, their testimony being read by an ensemble of 23 professional German actors.

Translated TitleAghet - A Genocide
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