Television/Netflix/Amazon Series

De Emmony, Andy. The Bletchley Circle. Great Britain: Kew Media, 2012.
Simoneau, Yves. Napoléon (2002). Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, United States: Arts and Entertainment Network, 2002.
Cameron, Ken, and Ian Watson. Anzac Girls. Australia: Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) , 2014.
Button, Chanya, Thomas Napper, Adam Smith, and Andy Wilson. World on Fire. United Kingdom, United States: BBC, PBS, 2019.
Burns, Ken, and Lynn Novick. The War. United States: PBS/Florentine Films, 2007.
Schanll, Peter. The Revolution. United States: History Channel, 2006.
H. Katzin, Lee. The Bastard. United States: Operation Prime Time, 1991.


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