The Forty-First

TitleThe Forty-First
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1956
AuthorsChukhray, Grigoriy
Running Time88 min
Date Released10/1956
CountrySoviet Union
Publication Languagerussian

Enemies find love in the midst of the Russian Civil War. In 1919, Maria, a sniper for the Red Army, misses her 41st target, Lt. Vadim Govorukha-Otrok of the White Army. Vadim is carrying important information from a White Army general, and Maria guards him until both are sent to Kazalinsk. Their ship capsizes, leaving them stranded on an island. They fall in love. A White Army vessel arrives. Maria shoots her lover in the back when he runs toward it.


Izolda Izvitskaya

Oleg Strizhenov

Nikolai Kryuchkov


directed and written by Grigori Chukhrai

produced by G. Lukin

music by Nikolai Kryukov

cinematography by Sergey Urusevsky

edited by Lidia Lysenkova



War, Romance

Original PublicationSorok pervyi
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