The White Angel

TitleThe White Angel
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1936
AuthorsDieterle, William
Running Time92 min.
Date Released04/1936
DistributorWarner Bros.
Publication LanguageEnglish

A fictional account of the life of Florence Nightingale, this film shows how the pioneer nurse defied military orders during the Crimean War to attend to the wounded.


Kay Francis

Ian Hunter

Donald Woods

Nigel Bruce

Donald Crisp

Henry O'Neill

Billy Mauch

Charles Croker-King

Phoebe Foster

George Curzon


Directed by William Dieterle

Written by Mordaunt Shairp, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Michael Jacoby, and Lytton Strachey

Music by Heinz Roemheld

Cinematography by Tony Gaudio

Edited by Warren Low


Biography, Drama

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