Women and War

TitleWomen and War
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1961
AuthorsLautner, Georges
Running Time108 minutes
DistributorLes Films Jacques Leitienne
Mediumblack and white
Publication LanguageFrench

Strange alliances form in a small village in occupied France in World War II. After a wounded British pilot lands nearby, the mayor tries to rescue him. He enlists the help of a German medical officer. The mayor's daughter knows both men. 


Bernard Blier

Lucile Saint-Simon

Lutz Gabor

Daniel Sorano

Anne Doat

Béatrice Bretty

Henri Virlogeux

Paulette Dubost

Catherine Le Couey

Jacques Marin

Jacques Chabassol

Guy Dakar

Christian Melsen

Jean Filliez

Jean Sylvère

Michel Garland

Pierre Barouh


Directed by Georges Lautner

Written by Georges Lautner, Michel Prentout, and Pierre Laroche

Edited by Michelle David

Music by Georges Delerue


Drama, War

Translated TitleStop the Drums
Original PublicationArrêtez les tambours
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