Sortez des Rangs

TitleSortez des Rangs
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1996
AuthorsRobert, Jean-Denis
Running Time86 minutes
DistributorMKL Distribution
Publication LanguageFrench

Based on the novel Le Boucher des Hurlus by Jean Amila, this film reveals the bitterness, tension, and disunity within France during and after World War I. An orphaned child seeks revenge for the dissolution of his family after a military general kills his father as example to potential deserters. His fellow orphans, who also experienced similar fates, join him in the hunt for the general across the scarred landscape of France. 


Laure Duthilleul

Stanislas Forlani

Josiane Lévêque

Pierre-Arnaud Crespeau

Erwan Dujardin

Cédric Cousin

Anne See

Danièle Delorme

Didier Flamand

Jean-François Dérec 


Produced by Danièle Delorme and Yves Robert

Directed by Jean-Denis Robert

Written by Jean-Denis Robert and Jérôme Tonnerre

Cinematography by Dominique Gentil

Edited by Marie Robert

Music by Jean-Philippe Goude



Alternate TitleFall Out
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