King of Hearts

TitleKing of Hearts
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1966
AuthorsBroca, Philippe de
Running Time95 minutes
DistributorUnited Artists
Publication LanguageFrench

A comedic fable about war, King of Hearts follows a Scottish assigned to disarm a German bomb in the French town of Marville at the end of World War I. The patients at the insane asylum have taken over the town when its resident fled. The solider finds more sanity among the town's new residents than he does in the war surrounding him. Although not an immediate commercial success, the film and its message became a cult favorite during the Vietnam War.  


Alan Bates

Geneviève Bujold

Daniel Boulanger

Pierre Brasseur

Jean-Claude Brialy

Micheline Presle

Adolfo Celi


Director: Philippe de Broca

Producers: Philippe and Michelle de Broca

Screenplay: Daniel Boulanger, based on an idea by Maurice Bessy

Cinematography: Pierre Lhomme

Editing: Françoise Javet

Production Design: François de Lamothe

Original Music: Georges Delerue


Comedy, War

Original PublicationLe Roi de cœur
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