The Informer

TitleThe Informer
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1935
AuthorsFord, John
Running Time91 min
Date Released05/1935
DistributorRKO Radio Pictures
CountryUnited States
Publication Languageeng

The Informer explores guilt and personal morals during the Irish War for Independence. Ousted by the Irish Republican Army, Gypo Nolan turns his friend over to the Black and Tans for reward money and indirectly causes his death. His shame leads him to betray his actions, resulting in his death by the IRA. 


Victor McLaglen

Heather Angel

Preston Foster

Margot Grahame

Wallace Ford

Una O'Connor

J.M. Kerrigan

Joseph Sauers

Neil Fitzgerald

Donald Meek

D'Arcy Corrigan

Leo McCabe

Gaylord Pendleton

Francis Ford

May Boley

Grizelda Harvey

Dennis O'Dea


directed by John Ford

screenplay by Dudley Nichols

cinematography by Joseph H. August

music by Max Steiner

edited by George Hively


Crime, Drama

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