The Bridge

TitleThe Bridge
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1959
AuthorsWicki, Bernhard
Running Time105 minutes
Date Released10/1959
DistributorDeutsche Film Hansa
CountryWest Germany
Publication Languagegerman, english

This critically acclaimed film that influenced New German Cinema was the first major anti-war film from post-World War II West Germany. Towards the end of the war, a group of young boys abandon adolescent pursuits in favor of joining the German Army. Their enthusiasm for Nazi ideology and militarism blinds them to the costs of war, which they experience in a terrifying battle to defend their hometown. 


Folker Bohnet

Fritz Wepper


Produced by Hermann Schwerin and Jochen Schwerin

Directed by Bernhard Wicki

Written by Karl-Wilhelm Vivier and Bernhard Wicki

Cinematography by Gerd von Bonin

Edited by Carl Otto Bartning

Music by Hans-Martin Majewski


War, Drama

Original PublicationDie Brücke
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