China Doll

TitleChina Doll
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1958
AuthorsBorzage, Frank
Running Time99 min
Date Released06/08/1958
DistributorUnited Artists
CountryUnited States
Publication LanguageEnglish

After a decade's absence in filmmaking, two-time Oscar-winning director Frank Borzage returned with China Doll. Set in the China Burma India theatre during World War II, Pilot Cliff Brandon (Victor Mature) flies missions from China in support of troops in the Pacific Theater, but is depressed by his situation and takes to excessive drinking. After one late-night binge, he finds that a young woman named Shu-Jen (Li Hua Li) has been either sold or betrothed to him. Brandon is reluctant to acknowledge the relationship, but he finds himself increasingly eager to return to Shu-Jen. When she becomes pregnant, his priorities change dramatically. Considered a modest but interesting film, China Doll received favorable critical reviews. 

Alternate TitleTime is a Memory
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