China Doll

TitleChina Doll
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1958
AuthorsBorzage, Frank
Running Time99 min
Date Released06/1958
DistributorUnited Artists (US)
CountryUnited States
Publication Languageeng

After a decade's absence in filmmaking, two-time Oscar-winning director Frank Borzage returned with China Doll. During World War II, an American officer mistakenly buys a young Chinese woman, sold into sexual slavery by her father. Their relationship evolves from growing trust to married life. War intervenes. Borzage's anti-war perspective contrasted with the anti-communist environment of Hollywood in the 1950s.


Victor Mature

Li Li Hua

Ward Bond

Bob Mathias

Johnny Desmond

Stuart Whitman

Elaine Curtis

Ann McCrea

Danny Chang


Romina presents

screenplay by Kitty Buhler

produced and directed by Frank Borzage

director of photography:  William H. Clothier

editor: Jack Murray

composer: Henry Vars


Drama, Romance, War

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