Go West

TitleGo West
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsImamovic, Ahmed
Running Time96 min
CountryBosnia and Herzegovina
Publication LanguageSerbian, French

Kenan, a Bosniak classical musician, and Milan, a Serb, live in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina in a clandestine gay relationship. When the Bosnian War breaks out in 1992, they try to escape from the city. In order to hide from Serbian militiamen, Kenan disguises himself as a woman and Milan passes him off as his wife. Together, they go to Milan's village in Eastern Bosnia, a Serb stronghold, where they continue to live in deception. However, Milan is soon conscripted into the army and Kenan is left behind in the village. Ranka, a woman from the village, discovers Kenan's secret and seduces him.

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