Lepa Sela Lepo Gore / Pretty Village, Pretty Flame

TitleLepa Sela Lepo Gore / Pretty Village, Pretty Flame
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1997
AuthorsDragojevic, Srdjan
Running Time115 min
Date Released05/1996
DistributorRadio Television of Serbia; Cobra Films
Publication LanguageSerbian

Two childhood friend find themselves on opposite sides during the Bosnian War. Loosely based on real events, Halil and his fellow Muslim soldiers have trapped Serbs, including his old friend Milan, within the Tunnel of Brotherhood and Unity. As children, Milan and Halil feared vengeful ogres lived in the tunnel connecting Zagreb and Belgrade. During the tunnel stalemate, Milan and Halil witness the violence, desperation, and futility of war, unleashing their childhood fears onto themselves and their societies. 

Original Publication Лепа села лепо горе
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