Pred doždot / Before the Rain

TitlePred doždot / Before the Rain
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1994
AuthorsManchevski, Milcho
Running Time113 min
Date Released09/01/1994
DistributorVardar Film
CountryNorth Macedonia
Publication LanguageMaced., Eng., Alb.

This Oscar-nominated film weaves together three love stories to reveal the interconnectedness of modern Europe during the Macedonia conflict in the Yugoslav Wars. A young monk named Kiril becomes involved with Zamira, an Albanian girl accused of murder, while far away in London, Aleksander, a weary photojournalist, meets with his married lover, Anne. When Aleksander returns to his Macedonian village, his life crosses paths with characters from earlier in the film. Tragedy befalls all involved.

Original PublicationПред дождот
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