Three Palms for Two Punks and a Babe

TitleThree Palms for Two Punks and a Babe
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsAndric, Radivoje
Running Time103 min
Date Released04/1998
CountryFederal Republic of Yugoslavia
Publication Languageeng

The story takes place in 1993 Serbia, torn by hyperinflation and economic disaster in the wake of the Yugoslav Wars. Milan, an avid fan of FC Partizan, lives with his friend, a painter, and makes money by selling his paintings to the "new elite." He meets a nice girl who works a phone sex hot line and the two eventually fall in love. An another friend of his is a treasury guard in a bank governed by a shady lady known as "Serbian mother," notorious for cheating thousands of creditors. The couple is planning to rob the bank and run away to a remote sunny island with palms. [IMDb]


Goran Radaković, Dubravka Mijatović, Srđan Todorović.


Producer: Goran Radakovic; Music: Vladimir Divljan; Cinematography: Milos Spasojevic; Editing: Milan Cvetkovic and Marko Glusac; Production Design: Zeljko Antovic; Set Decoration: Zeljko Antovic; Costume Design: Biljana Bukorovic; Makeup artists: Stanislava Kolouh, Aleksandra Lazic.



Alternate Title
Translated TitleТри пальмы для двух панков и малыша
Original PublicationTri palme za dve bitange i ribicu
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