The State of the Dead

TitleThe State of the Dead
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsPavlovic, Zivojin, and Dinko Tucakovic
Running Time92 min
Date Released08/2002
CountrySR Yugoslavia
Publication LanguageSerbian

This allegorical film explores the disintegration of Yugoslavia through a family that represented its multiple ethnic and religious groups. When the Yugoslav wars break out, a Slovenian sergeant major of the Yugoslav People's Army moves to Belgrade with his family to assert his Yugoslav identity. Violence, ethnic hostility, and internal dynamics slowly break apart his family.


Radko Polic

Nebojsa Glogovac

Katina Ivanova

Milena Pavlovic

Elizabeta Popovic


Produced by Maksa Catovic and Zoja Todoric

Directed by Zivojin Pavlovic and Dinko Tucakovic

Written by Sinisa Kovacevic and Zivojin Pavlovic

Cinematography by Aleksandar Petkovic

Edited by Ljiljana-Lana Vukobratovic

Music by Kornelije Kovac


Crime, Drama

Original PublicationDržava mrtvih
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