Emperor Meiji and the Great Russo-Japanese War

TitleEmperor Meiji and the Great Russo-Japanese War
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1957
AuthorsWatanabe, Kunio
Running Time113 minutes
Date Released1957
DistributorShintoho Film Distribution Committee
Publication Languagejapanese

This film about the politics and battles of the Russo-Japanese War shows how an emperor’s decision affects ordinary people. Meiji's militarism and determination to make Japan a world power cinematically results in stunning battle sequences. The cost of his goal comes at the expense of the sons of rural peasantry.


Arashi Kanjūrō

Abe Kusuo

Takada Minoru

Misaki Yōji

Egawa Ureo


Produced by Mitsugu Ôkura

Directed by Kunio Watanabe

Written by Kunio Watanabe

Cinematography by Takashi Watanabe

Music by Seiichi Suzuki


Drama, History, War

Alternate TitleMeiji tennō to nichiro daisensō
Original Publication明治天皇と日露大戦争
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