Iron Eagle

TitleIron Eagle
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1986
AuthorsFurie, Sidney J.
Running Time117 min
Date Released01/1986
DistributorTriStar Pictures
CountryUnited States, Canada
Publication Languageeng

A fictional account of the 1981 Gulf of Sidra incident, a hotshot pilot joins with a seasoned military officer to rescue his father. A fictional Arab country sentences Col. Ted Masters to die for entering into its airspace, and the U.S. Air Force has no plans to save him. Big flight sequences, explosions, and celebrations stand in for plot. 


Louis Gossett, Jr.

Jason Gedrick

David Suchet

Larry B. Scott

Caroline Lagerfelt

Tim Thomerson


directed by Sidney J. Furie

produced by Ron Samuels and Joe Wizan

written by Kevin Elders & Sidney J. Furie

Director of photography, Adam Greenberg

music, Basil Poledouris



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