Wreaths at the Foot of the Mountain

TitleWreaths at the Foot of the Mountain
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1984
AuthorsJin, Xie
Running Time139 minutes
Date Released1984
Publication Languagemandarin

Set during the Sino-Vietnamese War, this film explores class tensions and asserts the primacy of Communist Party and state loyalty. Soldiers within a company of the People’s Liberation Army derive from peasant origins while its officer is the son of a well-connected Party official in Beijing. The soldiers embody the peasantry's generational sacrifice of sending its sons to war to defend the nation-state and promote the Party’s goals. The officer shows familial loyalty in his efforts to stay alive.


Lü Xiaohe

Tang Guoqiang

Sechen Guwa

Wang Yumei


Directed by Xie Jin

Written by Li Zhun

Cinematography by Lu Junfu and Zhu Yongde

Edited by Zhou Dingwen

Music by Ge Yan


Drama, War

Alternate TitleGao shan xia de hua huan
Original Publication衛國軍魂
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