Red Cherry

TitleRed Cherry
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsYing, Ye
Running Time120 minutes
Date Released1995
Publication Languagemandarin german russian

A critical and popular success, Red Cherry presents an account of the devastating effects of World War II on children. Two Chinese orphans studying in Moscow at the International School find their new lives shattered when the Germans invade. Chuchu endures psychological and physical violence as a servant girl for Nazi officers, while Luo tries to survive in Moscow and channel his anger into fighting for the Red Army. The film represents the resurgence of Chinese cinema as well as the brief thawing of Sino-Soviet relations in the mid-1980s.


Guo Ke-Yu

Vladmill Nizmiroff

Xu Xiaoling


Produced by Ye Daying

Directed by Ye Ying

Written by Jiang Qitao and Lu Wei

Cinematography by Zhang Li

Music by Yang Liqing


Drama, War

Alternate TitleHong ying tao
Original Publication红樱桃
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