The Great Water

TitleThe Great Water
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsTrajkov, Ivo
Running Time93 minutes
Date Released04/2004
DistributorMedia Luna Entertainment
Publication Languagemacedonian, english

On his deathbed, a Macedonian politician remembers his childhood in post-World War II Yugoslavia. After wandering the countryside in the aftermath of the war, communist soldiers take Lem to a hard labor camp acting as an orphanage. There, he experiences the indoctrination of Soviet and communist ideology, a larger project that consolidated Tito's power and quelled ethnic, religious, and nationalist tensions. When Isaac arrives, Lem begins to question his re-education. 


Saso Kekenovski

Maja Stankovska

Mitko Apostolovski

Verica Nedeska


Produced by Mile Arsovski, Vladimír Chrenovský, Robert Jazadziski, Suki Medencevic, and Ivo Trajkov

Directed by Ivo Trajkov

Written by Ivo Trajkov and Vladimir Blazevski

Cinematography by Suki Medencevic

Edited by Atanas Georgiev

Music by Kiril Dzajkovski


Drama, War

Translated TitleDer Tag, als Stalins Hose verschwand
Original PublicationGolemata voda
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