The Battle of Canudos

TitleThe Battle of Canudos
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1997
AuthorsRezende, Sergio
Running Time170 min
Date Released10/1997
DistributorColumbia TriStar
Publication Languageportuguese

A deadly civil war engulfs the province of Bahia after the creation of the First Brazilian Republic in the late 19th century. A poor family joins a growing community led by spiritual leader Antonio Conselheiro after losing their crop to drought and livestock to pay taxes. Their mix faith and politics challenges the Republic, which sends troops to destroy their community. 


José Wilker

Cláudia Abreu

Paulo Betti

Marieta Severo

Tuca Andrada

Camilo Beviláqua


Produced by Mariza Figueiredo, Mariza Leão, and José Wilker

Directed by Sergio Rezende

Written by Paulo Halm, Sergio Rezende, and Euclides da Cunha

Cinematography by Antonio Luiz Mendes

Edited by Isabelle Rathery

Music by Edu Lobo



Original PublicationGuerra de Canudos
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produced to mark the 100th anniversary of the War of Canudos

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