The Official Story

TitleThe Official Story
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1985
AuthorsPuenzo, Luis
Running Time112 min
Date Released03/1985
DistributorAlmi Pictures
Publication LanguageSpanish

Set during the last years of Argentina's Dirty War, The Official Story offers a counter-narrative to the military dictatorship's version of history. Alicia discovers the repression, torture, and killings of those who opposed the dictatorship when seeking information about her adopted daughter's origins. She soon realizes that her husband plays a role in such human rights abuses. 


Héctor Alterio

Norma Aleandro

Hugo Arana

Guillermo Battaglia

Chela Ruiz

Patricio Contreras

Aníbal Morixe

María Luisa Robledo

Jorge Petraglia

Analía Castro

Chunchuna Villafañe


Directed by Luis Puenzo

Produced by Marcelo Piñeyro

Written by Aída Bortnik and Luis Puenzo

Cinematography by Félix Monti

Edited by Juan Carlos Macías

Music by Atilio Stampone


Drama, History, War

Alternate TitleThe Official Version
Translated TitleThe Official Story
Original PublicationLa Historia Oficial
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