La historia oficial / The Official Story

TitleLa historia oficial / The Official Story
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1985
AuthorsPuenzo, Luis
Running Time112 min
Date Released04/03/1985
DistributorAlmi Pictures
Publication LanguageSpanish

Set during the last years of Argentina's Dirty War (1976-1983), a period of nation-wide state terrorism, The Official Story offers a narrative of those years from the perspective of the civilians affected by the military junta's violence. This Argentine drama focuses on Alicia (Norma Aleandro), a high school history teacher who is leading a comfortable upper-middle class life with her husband, Roberto (Héctor Alterio), a businessman with ties to the military, and their adopted daughter. When Alicia begins to wonder about the identity of the little girl's birth parents, she finds herself suspecting that her daughter may be the child of people abducted or killed by the government's brutal crackdown on leftist groups.

Original PublicationLa historia oficial
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