Funny Dirty Little War

TitleFunny Dirty Little War
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1983
AuthorsOlivera, Héctor
Running Time80 min
Date Released9/22/1983
Publication Languagespanish

This black comedy, based on the novel by Osvaldo Soriano, tackles Argentinian politics during its Dirty War. A micro civil war breaks out in a small town, pitting the mayor against the deputy mayor. Communists take advantage of the government disagreements to assert their power. After much death and destruction, a survivor wishes for the days of Perón. 


Federico Luppi

Miguel Ángel Solá

Ulises Dumont

Lautaro Murúa

Héctor Bidonde

Víctor Laplace

Rodolfo Ranni

Arturo Maly


Directed by Héctor Olivera

Produced by Fernando Ayala and Luis O. Repetto

Screenplay by Héctor Olivera and Roberto Cossa

Story by Osvaldo Soriano

Music by Óscar Cardozo Ocampo

Cinematography by Leonardo Rodríguez Solís

Edited by Eduardo López


Comedy, Drama

Translated TitleThere will be no more sorrow or forgetfulness
Original Publicationo habrá más penas ni olvido
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