Funeral in Berlin

TitleFuneral in Berlin
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1966
AuthorsHamilton, Guy
Running Time1h 42min
Date Released12/22/1966
DistributorParamount Pictures
CountryUnited Kingdom
Publication LanguageEnglish

Funeral in Berlin is a 1966 British spy film directed by Guy Hamilton and based on the 1964 novel of the same name by Len Deighton. It is the second of three 1960s films starring Michael Caine as the character Harry Palmer that followed the characters from the initial film, The Ipcress File (1965). The third film was Billion Dollar Brain (1967). Spy Harry Palmer's assignment is to smuggle a Russian agent who is defecting to the West across the Berlin Wall and back to England - in a coffin. However, Harry discovers that the Russian may not be all he appears.

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