The Red Menace

TitleThe Red Menace
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1949
AuthorsSpringsteen, R. G.
Running Time81 minutes
Date Released1949
DistributorRepublic Pictures
CountryUnited States
Publication LanguageEnglish

In this Cold War B-movie, styled as a film noir, a disgruntled veteran becomes aware of the dangers of communism. Bill Jones joins the Communist Party USA after a real estate scam, but he soon realizes his mistake. After witnessing party leaders murder a member for disagreeing with them, Jones and his new girlfriend escape communism's clutches. 


Robert Rockwell

Hannelore Axman

Betty Lou Gerson

Barbra Fuller

Shepard Menken 


Produced by Herbert Yates

Directed by R. G. Springsteen

Screenplay by Albert DeMond and Gerald Geraghty

Cinematography by John MacBurnie

Edited by Harry Keller

Music by Nathan Scortt


Drama, Film Noir, Thriller

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