Journey's End

TitleJourney's End
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsDibb, Saul
Running Time107 minutes
Date Released09/2017
CountryUnited Kingdom
Publication Languageenglish,

This latest version of the 1928 R. C. Sherriff play focuses on the men in the trenches during World War I. In 1918 in France, a group of war-weary British soldiers await a German attack. The officers and enlisted men try to maintain a semblance of humanity and normality in their interactions with each other, but their impending death and emotional scars upset the balance. 


Sam Claflin

Asa Butterfield

Paul Bettany

Tom Sturridge

Toby Jones


Produced by Guy de Beaujeu and Simon Reade

Directed by Saul Dibb

Written by Simon Reade

Cinematography by Laurie Rose

Edited by Tania Reddin

Music by Natalie Holt


Drama, War

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