Letters from Iwo Jima

TitleLetters from Iwo Jima
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsEastwood, Clint
Running Time141 min
Date Released02/02/2007
DistributorWarner Bros. Pictures
CountryUnited States
Publication LanguageJapanese

A companion to Clint Eastwood's Flags of Our Fathers, this film presents the battle of Iwo Jima from the Japanese perspective and illuminates the themes of honor, sacrifice, and nationalism. In preparation for an impending American invasion, soldiers build an elaborate system of tunnels and caves on Mount Suribachi. Already weak, sick, and disorganized by the time the Americans arrive, some soliders fight to the death, some chose to kill themselves, and some survive. 

Alternate Title硫黄島からの手紙 (Iōjima Kara no Tegami)
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