Rough Riders

TitleRough Riders
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1997
AuthorsMilius, John
Running Time184 min
Date Released07/20/1997
Publication Languageeng

This miniseries dramatizes the famed volunteer regiment during the Spanish-American War. Assistant Navy Secretary Theodore Roosevelt leads the First Voluntary Calvary (the Rough Riders), a representation of the racial, ethnic, class, and regional diversity in the United States with the exception of African Americans. War unites the men. 


Tom Berenger

Sam Elliott

Gary Busey

Brad Johnson

Illeana Douglas

Chris Noth

Brian Keith

George Hamilton

R. Lee Ermey

Nick Chinlund

Dale Dye

Holt McCallany

James Parks

Dakin Matthews

Mark Moses

William Katt

Francesco Quinn

Adam Storke

Titus Welliver

Diana Jorge

Eric Allan Kramer

Angee Hughes

Pablo Espinosa

Michael Greyeyes


Produced by Alan A. Apone and Tom Berenger

Co-produced by Frank Q. Dobbs

Executive Produced by William J. MacDonald, Robert Katz, Moctesuma Esparza,  and Larry Levinson

Directed by John Milius

Written by John Milius and Hugh Wilson

Cinematography by Anthony B. Richmond

Edited by Sam Citron

Music by Peter Bernstein


Action, Drama, Western

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